Bill Gates: World to benefit if China and the U.S. cooperate on climate change

Microsoft co-founder Bill Gates said China and the U.S. could achieve big win-win results if they worked together in addressing climate change.

Gates applauded China’s commitment to reducing carbon emissions, and believes the world will benefit from the country’s efforts to make green energy more affordable.

The billionaire philanthropist said the reduced the cost of solar power and electric carshave driven prices down to facilitate worldwide adoption, adding electric buses are becoming the norm in many Chinese cities.

Gates said, “Without the contributions of China, many of the key ingredients like the batteries and solar power wouldn’t be so affordable.”

He added China is also doing a lot to build up its electricity grid to use more renewable energy, saying “I hope…innovators in China can bring down the cost of green energy enough, so…China can even increase its commitment to use renewable energy in the Belt and Road Initiative.”

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