Israeli company unveils 3D-printed rib-eye steak grown from living cow cells

In a world’s first, an Israeli company has unveiled a 3D-printed rib-eye steak that was cultivated in a lab setting using cells from a live cow. It’s a milestone in the nascent field that has so far mostly turned out minced meat but is eyeing whole cuts to increase the appeal of cell-based offerings once they hit the shelves.

Aleph Farms collaborated with biomedical engineers at the Technion – Israel Institute of Technology on the hunk of meat, which the company says has the same fatty marbling as the farmed stuff and reproduces the same sensory experience when cooked.

Aleph Farms said, “It incorporates muscle and fat similar to its slaughtered counterpart and boasts the same organoleptic attributes of a delicious tender, juicy rib-eye steak you’d buy from the butcher.”

The Israeli company now says it is able to make any type of steak and even adapt offerings to specific tastes by tweaking the amount of collagen, connective tissues and fat content.

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