Millennials: Of soap bars and fabric softener

Millennials are cleaning their grocery lists of soap bars. The once popular hygiene product is becoming less and less common to see in the showers of this young age group. But why are so many of them calling soap bars a wash?

According to a MarketWatch report, 60 percent of millennials feel soap bars are crawling with germs and would rather use body wash to clean themselves. And while 60 percent of Americans over age 65 said they would wash their face with bar soap, only a third of Millennials said the same. Strangely enough, while bars of soap are out, a viral trend of “soap cutting” is totally in. If you can’t use it, cut it, we guess.

Now, what’s in a name? Well, if the name is “fabric softener,” it is pretty much an explanation of what the product does. But don’t go asking millennials about it. A recent study said that millennials are not using fabric softener because they are not exactly sure what it really does.

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