COVID-19 Cases Spread to New European Countries

COVID-19 continues to spread across Europe, with three new countries reporting their first cases on Tuesday – and a rising death toll in Italy as the virus progresses through the continent.

In Austria, two 24-year-olds have been quarantined in a hospital. One of the victims is from Lombardy, one of the Italian regions hit by the outbreak, but it is not yet clear how the two contracted the virus. Both are suffering a fever but are in a stable condition.

Neighboring Switzerland reported its first case: a man in his 70s who was infected near Milan, where he had attended an event on February 15. He has been with his family since suffering the first symptoms on February 17. He is now in isolation in a hospital.

Croatia reported the first known case in the Balkans – a young man who had spent several days in Milan last week. The patient, now in hospital in the Croatian capital Zagreb, is “showing mild symptoms.”

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