Irreverent or insane? A $76K sandal cut from real Birkin bags

A US art collective has ripped apart four Hermès Birkin bags in order to create what could be the world’s most expensive sandal.

The pair of so-called “Birkinstocks,” which has no official affiliation to German shoe brand Birkenstock, are priced between 1.6 million and 3.6 million pesos.

The Brooklyn-based group MSCHF, which has made headlines for its series of irreverent art projects, spent 5.8 million in new Birkin bags to use as raw materials for the project.

The figure doesn’t include the cost of the sandals’ cork-latex sole, custom-made gold vermeil buckle and the actual production of the shoe — the latter of which was challenging given the first handful of leather workers approached refused to participate. That reticence may be indicative of the Birkin bag’s cult status.

Lukas Bentel, MSCHF’s creative director, said, “The bag is just so powerful culturally, it’s the perfect building block to make something even crazier.”

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