A rescue advocate’s emotional way of parting with stray and rescued dogs

Island Rescue Organization, established in 2010, is a non-government organization for rescued dogs in Cebu.

Xemenia Cuyos, an IRO volunteer for 11 years, always has this special bond with the dogs, and when one gets adopted, she cannot help but shed some tears.

Cuyos said, “I am so attached to all of the rescues because I am closely working with them during their rehabilitation period. Some of them grew up under my care, and although, it pains me a lot seeing them leave, I am still elated to know that there’s a family waiting for them.”

When she gets rescue dogs a new home, she knows this will lead to room for another rescue at IRO. Cuyos would also want furparents to take extra care of their pets for them to have a loving home.

She added, “A plea to everyone in the community, if you’re a motorist please brake for animals. To pet owners, please be a responsible…Don’t get one if you don’t like animals…Adopt, don’t shop.”

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