Millennials: Of beef and napkins

Apparently millennials have a major beef with beef. In a new environmentally conscious world, red meat just is not making the cut for young foodies. While many are deciding to skip the red meat for a greener diet, others are reportedly also against it for moral reasons.

Millennials also do not have much money left for groceries after paying rent, student loans and all of their other expenses. So purchasing beef is seen as a huge luxury that can easily be taken out of the budget.

And when is the last time anyone ate at a millennial’s home and there were napkins? Napkins are going out of style in younger households. According to consumer studies, 15 years ago, six out of 10 households bought napkins. Today, only four in 10 have napkins on hand.

That is because millennials are more prone to rip their guests off a piece of paper towel rather than have dedicated napkins. It’s just one less thing to buy when the budget is already tight.

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