Tricycles Out of Boracay by May 15

The local chief executive of Malay, Aklan has confirmed that motorized tricycles will be totally phased out of the streets of Boracay starting May 15.

Malay Mayor Frolibar Bautista said electronic tricycles or e-trikes will be plying the streets as part of the local government’s implementation of the tricycle modernization program.

The implementation of the tricycle modernization program was supposed to take effect last December 31 but was suspended after the onslaught of Typhoon Ursula.

E-trikes that rely on charging stations to function were affected by the power cut caused by the typhoon on Christmas Day.

Tricycle drivers and operators, and those who want to run charging stations, must submit their applications for the program not later than March 15, the mayor said.

Bautista added almost 500 e-trikes are currently operational on the island.

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