NextGen’s wisdom on the pandemic normal: Raymond Rufino

Raymond Rufino is a second-generation leader of NEO group (previously known as NET group), which built and manages seven intelligent buildings in Bonifacio Global City.

He swears the pandemic saved him five years’ worth of time in adapting innovations and new technology in their real estate business. While he has tried to go paperless for years, it only took one crisis to get everybody in the organization to buy into this direction.

He recognizes his father Charlie Rufino as his mentor, but his journey is now focused on making a valuable contribution to the transformation of the real estate industry from “grey to green” – environment-friendly development addressing the negative impact of greenhouse gas emissions, and projects that regenerate the planet.

His best lesson from the pandemic is quite a refreshing one: Manage your energy. Choose only what gives you positive energy, and whatever is negative must be released.

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