Noise pollution ‘drowns out ocean soundscape’

Noise from shipping, construction, sonar and seismic surveys is “drowning out” healthy ocean soundscape, scientists say, and an “overwhelming body of evidence” revealed the harm human-made noise does to marine life.

Study leader Professor Carlos Duarte said, “We’ve degraded habitats and depleted marine species…We’ve silenced the soundtrack of the healthy ocean and replaced it with the sound that we create.”

Writing in the journal Science, Duarte, at King Abdullah University, Saudi Arabia, and his colleagues noted sound waves can travel thousands of miles through the ocean.

He shared, “Sound is a fundamental cue for feeding, navigation, communication and social interaction in the ocean.”

A lot of research into ocean sound focused on marine mammals communicating across vast distances with complex songs.

He said there was evidence even newly hatched fish larvae are now unable to hear “the call of home” when drifting in the vast ocean.

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