Millennnials: Of irons and stilettos

There was once a time when leaving home without a crisp, ironed shirt on was a huge deal breaker. Those days are long gone, as millennials are choosing not to keep an iron around in their homes. So let’s iron out the details.

It is becoming increasingly popular for brands to advertise their no-iron materials, promising the clothing will remain wrinkle-free without the hassle of ironing. Meanwhile, fabrics that usually require ironing are on the outs.

Millennials are also no longer head over heels for high heeled stilettos. Instead of spending the night teetering in some pretty uncomfortable and dangerous high heels, millennials would rather go for something more comfortable.

For this reason, sneaker sales are booming across the country, and more and more celebrities and influencers are starting to advertise sneakers. Brands that have usually focused on heels are now starting to offer some more comfortable alternatives.

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