Denmark to build ‘first energy island’ in North Sea

A project to build a giant island providing enough energy for three million households has been given the green light by Denmark’s politicians.

The world’s first energy island will be 120,000 square meters large, but there are hopes to make it three times that size. It will serve as a hub for 200 giant offshore wind turbines.

It is the biggest construction project in Danish history, costing an estimated 34 billion dollars.

Situated 80 kilometers out to sea, the artificial island would be at least half-owned by the state but partly by the private sector.

It will not just supply electricity for Danes but for other, neighboring countries’ electricity grids too. Although those countries have not yet been detailed, Professor Jacob Ostergaard of the Technical University of Denmark said the UK could benefit, as well as Germany and the Netherlands. Green hydrogen would also be provided for use in shipping, aviation, industry and heavy transport.

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