Cooler by design: Singapore

Although comparatively small, with a population of under six million people, Singapore’s per-capita emissions are higher than those of the UK, China and neighboring Malaysia, according to the country’s National Climate Change Secretariat.

That’s due, in part, to air conditioning, which accounts for more than a third of typical household energy consumption. Global warming will only exacerbate this dependence.

The Meteorological Service Singapore has predicted that, by the end of this century, average daily temperatures in the city-state may be at least 34.1 degrees Celsius “almost every day” during the eight warmest months of the year.

As such, keeping cool will, increasingly, be a necessity for residents. Rather than demonizing air conditioning, urban planners are instead sought to reimagine it. Cold water, chilled using solar power, will be piped though homes, meaning residents don’t need to install inefficient outdoor AC condensers.

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