Scrapped GoldenEye 007 game ‘remaster’ leaks online

A highly sought-after remaster of the hit James Bond video game GoldenEye 007 was leaked online over a decade after it was cancelled.

Developer Rare produced the original game in 1997, and was working on an updated version for the Xbox in 2007. But the project was scrapped as the various parties involved could not reach an agreement over rights.

The leak came a week after YouTube gamer Graslu00 posted a two-hour video showcasing the remastered software. Footage of the unreleased game has occasionally been posted on YouTube in the last 10 years, tantalising fans desperate to see it released.

Video games designer David Doak, who worked on the original 1997 game, said it was fun to see the remastered game “out in the wild.”

He also appeared as a character called Dr. Doak in the original game, but was replaced in the remastered version. Some gamers have modified the leaked software to put him back in.

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