Chinese star Gao Liu shares photos of ‘nightmare’ nose surgery

A Chinese actress has warned about the dangers of cosmetic surgery by sharing pictures of her damaged nose after a procedure went wrong.

Gao Liu is a singer and actress who has starred in films and TV programs, and has been seen as something of a rising star. But she has fallen out of the limelight in recent months.

Posting on the popular social media platform Sina Weibo, she explained her months-long absence was due to a “cosmetic surgical incident,” which has left her with necrosis of the nose, meaning the tissue at its tip has died.

Gao shared images with her five million followers, igniting discussions about cosmetic surgery, which is extremely popular in China.

She said that in October a friend of hers introduced her to a plastic surgeon at a clinic in the southern city of Guangzhou.

The actress said she decided to go ahead with surgery on her nose due to suggestions she “get a slight trim,” and she thought this would help boost her career.

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