Manila mayor offers free COVID-19 swab tests for med students attending face-to-face classes

The Manila City government can offer free Covid-19 swab tests for students attending face-to-face classes in medical schools in the locality, Mayor Francisco “Isko Moreno” Domagoso said.

Moreno said he would prefer that students be subjected to swab testing as they attend physical classes for their peace of mind.

He said, “The City of Manila, we have three machines and two laboratories. We can offer [swab test] regularly. Para magkaroon sila ng peace of mind, we can submit them to swab testing, and it can be available for free so that it would not add cost to the students.”

The mayor said this following the approval of the Manila City government for the University of Santo Tomas to resume limited face-to-face classes for its medical and allied health programs.

Moreno said the local government unit will also welcome applications from other universities and schools offering medical programs in the city to conduct face-to-face classes.

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