Iron Man supports fast-growing green technology businesses

Robert Downey Jr. is one of Hollywood’s biggest stars and is leading the Footprint Coalition, an investment fund that will try to spot fast-growing green technology businesses.

The Footprint Coalition fund has already invested in a number of green businesses, including Cloud Paper – which makes toilet paper out of bamboo and has a mission to save a billion trees – and Ynsect, which turns mealworms into fertilizer and other products.

The Hollywood star, who played Iron Man Tony Stark in 10 Marvel films, says he had originally thought about focusing on AI and robotics, like his fictional counterpart: “I figured that was my strong suit, it was probably easiest to identify me with my namesake.”

But he says he is now looking at areas like transport, energy and consumer products.

Downey hopes that some of the businesses he backs will produce technology that has a real impact on the world – “and I would feel like I had some small part in that.”

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