Experience concerts in virtual reality

While countries have been trying to manage the number of coronavirus cases and working to distribute vaccines, it will still be awhile until things go back to normal. So don’t get your hopes up for mosh pits to return any time soon.

In the meantime, say hello to the world of the virtual reality experience.

Coldplay recently released concert footage in 360-degree format for Virtual Reality. This gave fans an immersive experience compared to just viewing it through a laptop screen. You’re also put in a perspective being amongst the audience, shoulder to shoulder — probably the closest we will ever get to that feeling for now.

Back in 2014, Paul McCartney had also come out with a VR video of his ‘Live and Let Die’ performance. However, this one was recorded from the stage, following McCartney throughout the song. Fans can definitely get a unique point of view from this angle as they’re typically used to being behind the barrier.

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