Youtuber Reveals Travel Pics were from IKEA

You shouldn’t believe everything you see on the internet. A popular YouTuber with 300,000 fans proved that, once again, to be true.

Natalia Taylor posted a series of photos on her Instagram that made it seem like she had traveled to a far-off exotic destination. There she was lounging in a fancy bathtub. In another, she posed in front of a floral print mirror. Her location: Bali, Indonesia.

But in a video she later posted to YouTube, she revealed the photos were staged in an Ikea.

The Instagram photos were all fictitious. And that, Taylor said, was the point.

The influencer said she wasn’t trying to hoodwink her followers and cash in. She wanted to make a point. She added this was all “a fun reminder to take social media less seriously.”

So be warned — that influencer you are jealously watching travel the world might not be telling you every piece of the story. There’s a chance they never even left home at all.

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