Archaeologists unearth Egyptian mummies with golden tongues

Archaeologists working at a burial site in Egypt have unearthed ancient mummies with golden tongues.

The team were working at the Taposiris Magna Temple in western Alexandria when they discovered 16 burial shafts dating from the Greek and Roman eras.

A number of “mummies in a poor state of preservation” were found inside the shafts, according to a Facebook post by Egypt’s Ministry of Tourism and Antiquities.

The archaeologists discovered “remnants of gilded cartonnage” — a case made of tightly fitting layers of linen or papyrus glued together — the ministry said, as well “amulets of gold foil in the form of a tongue that were placed in the mouth of the mummy.”

This, they believe, was a special ritual to ensure the dead could speak to the court of the god Osiris in the afterlife.

In the past decade, archaeologists discovered several coins bearing the name and image of Queen Cleopatra VII inside the temple walls.

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