COVID-19 forced many hostels to close

Due to the coronavirus pandemic, many small, independent hostels have had to close their doors temporarily, while some were forced to close permanently.

Unfortunately, Singapore’s Mitraa Inn fell into the latter group, shutting its doors in June after 15 years in business.

Co-owner Viji Jagadeesh told how she’d resorted to pawning her jewelry to raise enough money to refund canceled bookings and did not have enough funds to pay the hostel’s internet bill.

She said, “Covid-19 is decimating. It’s putting a lot of hostels out of business. The hostels that are struggling are the smaller, independent hostels, which in many ways represent the soul of the industry. These hostels aren’t just a place to sleep in. They represent communities in each and every city.”

Back in May, she launched the Adopt a Hostel campaign that implored travelers to purchase an online gift card for an upcoming stay, or donate to a hostel of their choice.

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