Boston Dynamics’ robot dog Spot gets long-distance remote control

The Boston Dynamics robot Spot can now be fully remote-controlled from anywhere in the world, using a web browser-based platform called Scout.

Previously, Spot was controlled via a bespoke tablet, which meant the operator had to be nearby, said the firm’s vice president Michael Perry.

Boston Dynamics said it had sold 400 Spot robots in the last year. They are being used in construction, deep underground mines, nuclear power plants and offshore oil rigs.

Despite relatively limited sales to date, the company’s new owner believes there is huge potential for the business.

Two months ago, Hyundai bought an 80% controlling share of Boston Dynamics from Softbank, in a deal which valued the robotics firm at 1.1 billion dollars.

Google’s parent Alphabet had sold the enterprise to Softbank in 2017 for the much lower reported sum of about 100 million dollars.

The robots, which cost 75,000 dollars, are commonly used to patrol sites and gather data.

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