Philippines 55th of 167 countries in Democracy Index

The Philippines ranked 55th out of 167 countries in the Democracy Index 2020 released by London-based think tank the Economist Intelligence Unit, making it a “flawed democracy.”

It placed 51st in 2017, 53rd in 2018 and 54th in 2019.The country recorded an average 6.56, after scoring 9.17 in electoral process and pluralism, 5 in functioning government, 7.78 in political participation, 4.38 in political culture and 6.47 in civil liberties.

The score put the Philippines under the “flawed democracy” category, countries that, according to EIU “have free and fair elections, even if there are problems (such as infringements on media freedom), basic civil liberties are respected.”

The country remained in ninth place in Asia and Australasia while New Zealand topped the regional rankings with a score of 9.25, followed by Australia, Taiwan, Japan and South Korea, which were classified as “full democracy.”

Globally, the index was topped by Norway with 9.81.

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