Record-breaking roller coaster will travel more than 250 kilometers per hour

A roller coaster now under development in the Middle East is set to smash existing records for speed, height and track length.

Called “Falcon’s Flight,” the ride will be the main attraction of Six Flags Qiddiya, due to open in Saudi Arabia outside of the capital Riyadh in 2023.

According to the Qiddiya Investment Company, which has partnered with US-headquartered Six Flags to build the park, the coaster will travel across four kilometers of track.

Riders will experience the thrill of diving over a vertical cliff into a 160-meter-deep valley thanks to the use of magnetic motor acceleration, and “achieve unprecedented speeds of” more than 250 kilometers per hour.

It added, “The Falcon’s Flight will also be the world’s tallest free-standing coaster structure, featuring a parabolic airtime hill allowing a weightlessness airtime experience.”

It will take up to 20 passengers on a three-minute long ride that and offers panoramic views of the theme park.

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