WHO chief calls on vaccine manufacturers to share production capacity

The World Health Organization called on COVID-19 vaccine manufacturers to scale up production significantly and urged countries to share vaccine doses once they finish vaccinating their priority populations.

Reiterating the negative impact of inequitable access to COVID-19 vaccines worldwide, the WHO said that globally the number of vaccinations has overtaken the number of reported infections, which was described as “good news and a remarkable achievement in such a short timeframe.”

The WHO added, “More than three-quarters of those vaccinations are in just 10 countries that account for almost 60 percent of global gross domestic product,” while “almost 130 countries, with 2.5 billion people, have yet to receive a single dose.”

It noted, “Once countries with vaccines have vaccinated their own health workers and older people, the best way to protect the rest of their own population is to share vaccines so other countries can do the same.”

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