Most Germans say COVID-19 has not changed their lives much

As the pandemic continues, people in the US, UK, and France say it is affecting everyday life. In Germany, fewer than half say their lives have been impacted.

The Pew Research Center report, conducted in December, surveyed 4,000 adults. Some 74 percent of Americans say the pandemic is affecting their everyday lives a great deal or a fair amount, up from 67 percent in June. Majority of those living in France and the UK also reported their lives were impacted at least a fair amount due to the pandemic.

Pew said, “Only in Germany do fewer than half of those surveyed say the coronavirus has changed their life, while 52 percent say their life has not changed much or not changed at all.”

The survey also found 77 percent of Germans rate their government’s handling of the coronavirus as “good.” Less than half of Americans approve of how the country is handling the pandemic, with 58 percent of those polled rating it as “bad.”

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