Live events: Connecting online

As most of the world still remains in lockdown, many of us spend our time in the comforts of our home as we long for the days pre-pandemic. Whether you just yearn for the embrace of a friend or you’re reminiscing the experience of a live concert, we all just miss being in the company of people.

It seems like everyone has fully transitioned online to adjust to the restrictions of the lockdown. Nowadays, the only chance we get to see our favorite artists perform is through livestream concerts.

For indie musicians, they can set it up right from their bedroom and invite their fans for a video conference to recreate an intimate space over Zoom.

On the other hand, sensations like BTS perform on a stadium stage for their livestreams — making their famed performances now a lot more accessible for fans across the globe. Their first-ever online concert ‘Bang Bang Con: The Live‘ garnered 756,000 viewers from all around the world.

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