Canceled plans due to the pandemic

The Broke Backpacker blog founder Will Hatton, who runs backpacker adventure tours to Pakistan, Iran and Kyrgyzstan, was setting up a digital nomad co-working hostel in Bali before COVID hit.

Over the past year, he’s had to cancel his planned 2020 adventure tours, issue refunds to customers and provide financial assistance to local partners “on the ground.”

He shared, “It’s been very tough for those of us working in the travel industry. All of my ventures have been making substantial losses. But I do believe the worst is now over, as domestic travel is picking up, a vaccine is on the horizon, and the urge to travel is still strong for many.”

Hatton decided to “slow down the build” of his upcoming hostel several months back and now plans to open in March 2021.

He said one of the few positives to come from the pandemic is that destinations have been able to reassess their approach and make their tourism industries more sustainable and eco-friendly.”

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