Chinese President Xi Jinping hosts China-CEEC Summit

Chinese President Xi Jinping lauded the cooperation between China and Central and Eastern European countries, saying, “17 plus 1 could make more than 18” during a keynote speech at the China-CEEC Summit.

The China-CEEC cooperation is based on mutual respect and has no political strings attached, Xi said, adding all countries involved, regardless of size, are equal partners in a cooperation mechanism featuring extensive consultation, joint contribution and shared benefits.

He added, “Guided by the conviction that ’17 plus 1 could make more than 18,’ we have set up a multidimensional cooperation framework led by the leaders’ summit and covering 20-plus sectors to ensure the participation of all CEE countries. Mindful of each other’s concerns, we have drawn up plans and decided on projects based on the national reality of each country, and encouraged all…to find the best way to leverage their respective strengths in cooperation.”

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