Breast cancer became the most common cancer in 2020

For the first time, female breast cancer has overtaken lung cancer as the most commonly diagnosed cancer globally in 2020, according to the International Agency for Research on Cancer.

The number of new breast cancer cases reached 2.3 million, accounting for 12 percent of the total, and nearly one-fourth of women cancer patients. It is also the leading cause of cancer-related fatalities worldwide among women, responsible for one-sixth of cancer deaths.

The number of new lung cancer cases in 2020 was the second highest, which took up 11 percent of the total. Other common cancers included colorectal, prostate, and stomach cancer.

However, lung cancer remained to be the leading cause of cancer-related deaths worldwide in 2020, which was responsible for about 18 percent of global cancer-related fatalities. Other common causes of cancer-related deaths included colorectal, liver, stomach, and female breast cancer.

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