Finding ‘3rd generation’ crucial in contact tracing, says Magalong

Following the entry of the UK coronavirus variant in the country, local governments must step up contact tracing without relying on the national government, according to Baguio City Mayor Benjamin Magalong.

The first case of the more contagious UK variant was a Filipino male resident of Quezon City who returned from a trip to Dubai in the United Arab Emirates on January 13.

Magalong said the country’s contact tracing efficiency ratio was just 1:7 to 1:9, far from the ideal 1:37, or 37 contacts of up to three generations, or layers of possible transmission, per infected person.

The first generation refers to the close contacts of the index case, or the original infection. The close contacts of the first generation comprise the second generation, whose contacts are classified as the third generation.

Magalong said mayors should motivate their contact tracers to seek out the third generation contacts to attain the ideal ratio.

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