Among Us: The surprise hit game of 2020

Video games have filled the need of the world’s confined for a bit of distraction, adventure, and socializing, and achieved unexpected success during the pandemic.

The success of “Among Us” in 2020 was a surprise for the industry as the title drew little attention when it was released in 2018.

But its developers at US studio Innersloth kept refining their concept, which paid off when prominent game streamers on Twitch began to play it on the platform in mid-2020.

By November, the game had half a billion players, according to Superdata, which monitors the gaming industry.

The online multiplayer game takes place on a space ship. Most people are crewmates, but several are imposters out to kill or at least block crewmates from carrying out their assigned tasks.

Lively debates take place as crewmates seek to unmask imposters.The game’s popularity saw US lawmakers join in matches broadcast on Twitch in an effort to reach young voters last year.

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