2021 Spring Festival Gala’s second rehearsal shows new technologies

The second joint rehearsal of the 2021 Spring Festival Gala was held in Beijing last week and showcased several new technologies.

The gala features the innovative use of high definition cloud communication technology to coordinate the stage performance.

Some actors, who are not in the Chinese mainland, may not be able to perform live this year due to COVID-19. But cloud technology allows actors who can’t be physically present to participate via prerecorded videos while also remotely interacting with the audience.

According to China Media Group, this method is not a simple inter-cut, but close interaction with live actors, an integral part of the program.

This year’s gala stage is installed with a huge ring of 154 ultra-high definition large screens, and can synchronously access 154 channels.

Relying on the strength of 5G bandwidth, the cloud communication technology will achieve cross-time interactive performance on the same stage.

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