Don’t break these Chinese New Year superstitions for a year of good luck

Chinese New Year is about all things bright and the color red. Black and white are associated with mourning and must be avoided.

Numbers are a big deal in Chinese culture. Do not give out odd-numbered ang pao or money gifts as they are associated with funerals. Make sure to stick to even numbers! Even better if the number of the money you put inside the red envelope starts or ends with the number 8 as it boosts luck.

Some things have a bad meaning in Chinese culture and should not be given as presents on Chinese New Year. Shoes sounds exactly like the Chinese word for bad luck or evil, mirrors attract malicious ghosts, and handkerchiefs symbolize farewell.

After getting married, women are expected to live with their husband. She cannot visit her own parents on the first day of the New Year as daughters are viewed as outsiders after marriage. If they return home on the first day, their parents will be stricken by poverty.

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