Facebook to Pay Up to $5 for Your Voice

Facebook will pay you for your voice, but don’t expect to get wealthy.

The company is paying selected people to record phrases to improve its voice recognition tools. It’s asking them to record the phrase, “Hey Portal, call…” which is its camera-equipped home device, followed by saying the first name of a Facebook friend twice for 10 times. 

But you won’t get Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg-level rich. Completing each task nets 200 points in the app and it can only be completed five times, for a total of 1,000 points. That amounts to 5 dollars sent to the user through PayPal.

“Pronunciations” is the name of the survey and it’s accessible through Viewpoints, a separate Facebook app focused on market research. It pays people to complete surveys and tasks to improve its array of products, including WhatsApp, Oculus VR headsets and Portal.

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