More Chinese New Year Superstitions

Chinese New Year falls on Friday, February 12.

Do not wake someone up on Chinese New Year. Believe it or not, rousing somebody from sleep can bring bad luck. It is believed that someone will be rushed around and bossed around for the whole year. Let someone get up from bed first before giving your New Year blessings.

Did you know that you are not supposed to eat porridge on the first day of Chinese New Year? It is believed this attracts bad luck. In the past, porridge was considered a staple for those struggling to make ends meet as rice cost very little. Ergo, it’s best not to start the New Year with a non-festive meal.

People are also advised to avoid taking unnecessary medicine as this can result to sickness throughout the year. Aligned with this superstition, visiting the doctor, undergoing or performing surgery, and getting shots should also be avoided.

However, if you have serious sickness, immediate health should always come first.

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