Face masks are more effective than most people think, study suggests

How effective are face masks against COVID-19? According to a study, much more than many people think.

Research conducted by experts at the University of Cambridge in the UK, yet to be peer reviewed, has found that face coverings not only work well to prevent the spread of the virus – offering from 63 percent to 99.6 percent protection from fine particles according to the type – but also that they are much more effective than people generally believe.

The ubiquity of face masks, once generally only worn by the likes of surgeons, may be the most visible sign of how our lives have changed since the beginning of the pandemic.

But this sudden familiarity with face masks, recommended by experts and authorities and often imposed from above, hasn’t been met by universal public acceptance.

Many, in fact, still mistrust their effectiveness in preventing the transmission of the SARS-CoV-2 virus, especially when it comes to cloth face coverings.

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