Essential workers: The many faces of pandemic heroism

While health care frontliners focused mainly on COVID-19 patients seeking treatment in medical facilities, people from other sectors also labored and risked their own well-being to keep the rest of the population healthy and informed.

Without them, those under lockdown and in isolation would have been rendered helpless.

Classified by the government as essential workers, they delivered the necessities and services that keep the business of life going: the food producers like farmers, providers like fishermen, and manufacturers, the delivery people, those who minded drugstores, markets, groceries, banks, water stations, cash remittance centers and telecommunications facilities.

Count as well the power providers, law enforcers, drivers, security guards, contact tracers, garbage collectors and those engaged in funeral services.

Essential, too, were persons in spiritual ministries who assisted the dying and gave balm to the grieving.

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