Bedtimes in China are 2 hours later amid pandemic

Chinese people went to bed two hours later over the past year, despite staying home longer amid the pandemic, according to a survey by the Chinese Sleep Research Society.

The survey showed over 300 million in China have sleep disorders. Over three-fourths of respondents said they go to sleep after 11 p.m., and nearly one-third said after 1 a.m. Online searches for sleep disorders surged 43 percent in 2020.

The report went viral on Chinese social media, with related topics gaining over 110,000 comments on Weibo, China’s Twitter equivalent.

One Weibo user wrote, “I don’t want to waste time sleeping.” The post gained over 15,000 likes. Others attributed the insomnia to heavy social pressure.

The China Academy of Chinese Medical Sciences said one sleep disorder is taking over 30 minutes to fall asleep, over 30 minutes to fall asleep again after waking up, and waking up 30 minutes earlier than usual. It is an issue if this happens over three days a week.

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