Tech Tent: Iron Man’s climate change mission

As Iron Man, Robert Downey Jr. is many moviegoers’ idea of what a tech tycoon should look like.

But he has ambitions to play another role – that of an investor in technology to combat climate change. He wants to step out of the make-believe world of his Avengers character and confront the real threat to the planet.

Downey is leading the Footprint Coalition, an investment fund trying to spot fast-growing green technology businesses. He says much of his role will be about using his skills to tell a story about climate change, and the technology that can beat it, to his 100 million social media fans.

He said, “I realized a few years ago that I’d amassed a pretty wide audience, I guess you call them followers nowadays. And it seemed like just posting more videos of me dancing with my alpaca wasn’t really moving the conversation on this existential threat.”

He says a key moment in his awakening to this threat came in the wildfires in Malibu in 2018.

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