TikTok singer Amy Hawkins, 110, becomes viral sensation

A 110-year-old great-grandmother has become an overnight singing sensation on TikTok.

Amy Hawkins’ rendition of the popular World War One song “It’s A Long Way to Tipperary” was captured by her great-grandson on her milestone birthday.

Since then, Sacha, 14, has clocked up 100,000 views of the video. Ms. Hawkins was a performer and at Sacha’s age toured the UK – but her mother banned her from the stage, as it was not “respectable.”

Sacha’s mother, Hannah Freeman, said the reaction to the video on the social-media site has “restored faith in humanity.”

Ms. Hawkins, aged seven at the end of the war, has sung songs from that era ever since.

Freeman said, “She’s like a clock, once you wind her up she won’t stop. She just keeps asking, ‘Would you like another one?'”

Ms. Hawkins now lives with three other generations of her family. Her granddaughter said they “feel very lucky” to have been able to spend lockdown together.

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