Indomie: Creator of cult favourite ‘mi goreng’ instant noodle dies

The woman behind instant noodle giant Indomie’s iconic “mi goreng” flavor passed away at 59. Tributes poured out for Nunuk Nuraini, who worked as a flavor development manager at the cult favorite Indonesian brand for nearly 30 years.

Many thanked her for her “legacy” as a “non-cape wearing hero.” One social media user called her the “Mother of Indomie,” adding she created the “most beautiful work.”

Indomie has become synonymous with instant noodles in Indonesia, where many grew up eating the popular brand.

In recent years, it has become a global hit, finding popularity across South East Asia but also Australia and Nigeria. But as the brand now offers dozens of flavors, its “mi goreng” or fried noodle flavor, has remained its most popular.

According to Indomie, it launched its first ever instant noodle, the chicken flavor, in 1971. In 1982, it launched its “mi goreng” flavor – its first dry noodle variant inspired by the Indonesian fried noodle dish.

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