Health workers in poorer countries don’t even get vaccine ‘crumbs’, says WHO

Richer countries are fighting over vaccine contracts and how many millions they are going to receive, while frontline workers in poorer countries are not even left with “crumbs,” said the executive director of the World Health Organization’s emergencies program.

Michael Ryan said people in richer countries need to examine their consciences when health workers in poorer nations, who are fighting on the front line, are not getting the chance to receive vaccines.

Ryan added, “We all need to step into the place of (nurses in poorer nations) – fighting on the front line right now in ICUs. They are…at the end of the queue right now and they are looking up to…the people at the top of the queue (who) are fighting over where they are in the queue.”

He noted, “[They are] fighting over the cake and they don’t even have access to the crumbs. [We need to] reflect upon our brave colleagues and where they stand today and what we are going to do about that.”

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