LTO under fire for privatizing vehicle inspection services

The Land Transportation Office defended the privatization of motor vehicle inspection centers following public backlash over the new system required for car registration in the country.

The LTO chief said, “All vehicles that need to be registered have to go through the process to determine whether registration will be renewed. Previously, there was a policy that vehicles 15 years or older can no longer be registered. But now, the basis (for renewal is the) roadworthiness of the vehicle rather than the age.”

He noted certificates of roadworthiness would be issued to car owners who pass the inspection, which will be presented to LTO for the renewal of car registrations.

Galvante said the public needs to see the “reasonableness of the inspections,” claiming this will reduce injuries and deaths from road crashes and accidents.

The inspection costs 1,500 to 1,800 pesos, which the public said is too exorbitant and determined without consultation.

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