What to give and not to give as gifts during Chinese New Year

Here are some basic rules to follow for a guaranteed lucky Chinese New Year:

Remember, shoes are “evil.” Giving out shoes as a gift for Chinese New Year is bad luck because the word “shoes” sounds similar to a word for bad luck or evil.

Next, cut flowers are unlucky. Generally, cut flowers are given during funerals so it should not be given during Chinese New Year. Any white flowers cannot also be gifted because the color white is an unlucky color in Chinese culture.

In addition, no black or white objects should be given. Black and white are colors used in funerals. Avoid giving out items that are black or white, or using wrapping paper or envelopes in these colors. However, red is believed to be a lucky color so it is a great option to use this Chinese New Year.

Throughout much of Asia, mirrors are a bad idea for gifts as they are believed to attract bad spirits. On top of that, mirrors are easily broken and breaking things is a bad omen.

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