Composting challenge: Students in the UK transform waste… and mindsets

Instead of the usual load of exams, essays, unrequited crushes and popularity contests students usually face, the most challenging test in the past year has been dealing with the isolation and boredom of being stuck at home for months due to coronavirus lockdowns.

Alex Connor, a British student at the Beacon school in London, said, “School’s definitely been a lot different online. Although the teachers put a lot of effort into running their lessons online and they are still very good, it’s completely different.”

But Alex and his classmates Bethany and Ruby had one great passion project to distract them from the bleakness of school closures and national lockdowns: turning their home food waste, bound to rot in a landfill, into a treasure chest of renewable resources.

Household food waste is an issue that often gets overlooked when put next to other problems such as plastic pollution, but it actually contributes significantly to the current climate crisis.

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