China busts fake COVID-19 vaccine ring, arrests 80, confiscates 3,000 doses

Chinese security agencies have arrested 80 suspects after busting a criminal syndicate involved in producing and selling counterfeit COVID-19 vaccine and confiscated 3,000 fake doses in a special multi-city campaign to combat vaccine-related crimes, China’s Ministry of Public Security announced.

The criminal racket was unearthed in a coordinated crackdown by police teams in Beijing and east China’s Jiangsu and Shandong provinces and other regions, the Ministry of Public Security revealed in an official statement.

The joint operation “successfully cracked a huge case of producing and selling fake COVID-19 vaccines, knocked out the counterfeit dens, cut off the criminal chain, arrested more than 80 suspects, and more than 3,000 fake COVID-19 vaccines were seized on the spot.”

Naming one Kong Mou as the kingpin of the syndicate, the ministry statement confirmed that the fake vaccine racket was going on since at least September last year.

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