COVID-hit New Orleans turns homes into floats for Mardi Gras

The coronavirus pandemic has forced the cancellation of many much-loved events and traditions but the people of New Orleans were not going to let it ruin their annual Mardi Gras.

When the mayor of the Louisiana city announced that the raucous, crowd-filled street carnival parades would not be going ahead, residents decided to turn their houses into floats instead.

Thousands have been transformed for the two-week long carnival that runs until Ash Wednesday in mid-February.

A special project was set up encouraging home-owners to hire the many artists who would normally have months of work preparing for the event.

The idea for the house floats came from a carnival regular who had suggested it in a post on Twitter after the mayor’s announcement in November.

She said she had expected a few friends and neighbors to join in, but by the beginning of January more than 9,000 people had signed up – some as far as the UK and Australia.

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