AstraZeneca vaccine’s challenges in Europe

AstraZeneca is in a public dispute with the EU on whether it will be meeting its commitments to supply the number of vaccine doses agreed.

AstraZeneca denied its COVID-19 vaccine is not very effective for people over 65, after German media said officials fear the vaccine may not be approved in the EU for use in the elderly.

The German health ministry said of the 341 vaccinated in the group aged 65 and over, only one became infected with the coronavirus, meaning the expert vaccine panel had not been able to derive a statistically significant statement. AstraZeneca’s CEO said they had less data than other drugmakers on the elderly as it started vaccinating older people later.

He added, “We have strong data showing very strong antibody production against the virus in the elderly, similar to what we see in younger people.”

Germany is grappling with limited vaccine doses after Pfizer and AstraZeneca announced delays to deliveries well into April.

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