In a world of lockdown, video games abound

You’re stuck in coronavirus lockdown but that doesn’t mean you can’t visit a tropical island, a space station, or have games night with your friends.

There are no adversaries or competition in “Animal Crossing: New Horizons,” which came out in March for Nintendo’s Switch console. Instead, players explore an island, collecting fruit, making tools and furniture, and trading with others as the seasons slowly change.

This version of the popular game certainly hit the spot with players hungry for a bit of light-hearted diversion during quarantine. It powered to the top of the sales charts in the United States in March 2020 and was among top sellers in other countries as well.

It was the No. 2 title in Europe for 2020 overall, according to GfK.

Parents suddenly confronted with being confined with their children looked to video games to find options for family entertainment, and that “Animal Crossing was an ideal game for parent-child interaction.”

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